V.I.P. Honor Roll of Donors

As part of the USC Viterbi Innovation Partners, the following supporters are helping current and future classes of engineering students in their quests to be great engineers. To be a part of this elite group means you are helping us to grow engineering at USC to a higher level of excellence. Thanks to your gift(s), you are leaving an important philanthropic legacy that helps to make an impact on the lives of our students, who will in turn, make a positive difference in our community, nation and the world.

NOTE:  The V.I.P. members listed below are donors between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 (who made a gift during the 2016-2017 school year).

Dean’s Circle ($10,000+)

Benu and Anil Aggarwal
Tim and Sandra Archer
Stephen and Carole Argo
Gary and Jeanne Austin
William and Jane Ballhaus
Brandon and Janet Blaylock
Chris and Andrea Borch
Steven and Isabelle Bushong
Michael and Mirka Christenson
Kendall and Christina Cotten
Heather Cruz and Michael Nitabach
Mark and Karen Cranney
James and Nancy Demetriades
Steven Dworkin
Alfred and Lynda Fadel
Patrick and Bonnie Fuscoe
Vincent Gau and Rebecca Cheung
Randall and Sherri Glein
Betty Lou Gross
Howard and Sharon Hamat
James and Dawn Healy
Jeffrey and Kellie Hepper
Bruce Hueners
Waguih Ishak, M.D.
Mrudula and Nitin Karmarkar
Harel and Iris Kodesh
Xuan Kong and Ning Zhuang
Thomas and Jill Lagatta
Tom Lee
Michaela LeMessurier
Dennis McEvoy and Kim Worsencroft
Webb and Chris McKinney
Henry and Deborah McMicking
Michelle and Meade Monger
Christopher and Lisa Morgan
Gary and Eileen Morgenthaler
Kyle Nauman
Tina Nauman
Sandeep Nawathe and Vaishali Angal
Mayan and Usha Patel
Matthew Powers
Debra Reed and Arthur Drylie
Murat Sehidoglu
Michael and Angie Sheha
Clarence and Coco Stanback
Soumya Subramanian and Anand Ramakrishna
David Thomsen and Kathryn Kendall
Dom Tran and Tia Nguyen
John Walter
Eric Wong
Larry and Tracey Wood
Douglas and Kelly York
Richard and Victoria York
Jiangyang Zhang

Visionaries Circle ($5,000-$9,999)

JoAnn Boss
Alan and Brenda Borstein
Thomas Burke
Dante and Donna Caravaggio
Lin and Shuhui Peng Chen
Matthes Fluhrer
Robert and Shirley Foster
David and Deborah Ginsburg
Richard and Catherine Grey
Kavita and Rahul Gupta
Deirdre and Richard Hanford
Dale Harbour-Day
Stayce Harris
Jensen and Lori Huang
Henry Iida
Justin Jameson
Rajesh and Sandra Lall
Qing Ling and Ling Mei
Gang Liu and Amy Yi
Vikram and Preethi Marla
Kevin and Lisa McCarthy
Gary and Kimberley McCullough
James and Annabel Montgomery
David and Lisa Mooring
Ujjual and Mamta Nath
Nancy Paxton and Gaurang Desai
Robert Schaaf II
George Schnerk

Sustainers Circle ($2,500-$4,999)

Jeffrey and Sandra Adams
Jeffrey and Sharon Arey
Ann Bosche
Robert Cook II
Sean Corcoran
David and Kathryn Flattum
James and Carolyn Goodin
Venkata Gosula
Saleem and Amina Haque
Simon Huang and Yan Wu
Sergio Ibarra
Zhang Jiang
Trevor Johns
Mindy Leff and Siva Arunasalam
Miguel and Marta Leon
Jorge Lopez
Einar Lundquist
Denise and Stephen Magro
Adam Mock
Carolyn Nakaki and Michael Lewis
Jordan Noone
Timothy O’Mara and Tiffany O’Mara
Steven and Mae Quan
David and Mary Reynolds
John and Karen Roberts
George and Kristen Roeth
Daniel Shea and Patricia Stokes
Val and Sheri Schnabl
Keith Sheu and Sylvia Trejo-Sheu
Laura Shinners
Roger Sit
Xiaoming Sun
Todd and Mary Swanton
Lucio and Julie Tan
Richard and Elizabeth Werhel

Lifetime V.I.P. Dean’s Circle Donors

Our Lifetime V.I.P. Dean’s Circle, was previously known as our Lifetime Viterbi Society Membership.  This was a limited-time giving level we offered to donors who made a gift of $25K or more. This is no longer offered as the Viterbi Innovation Partners (V.I.P.) program is a yearly giving society.

*Anonymous Donor
Charles Jay Abronson
Terry Scot Adams
Craig & Rosemary Anderson
Gordon & Liz Anderson
Rudy T. Andriani
Sonny Astani
Doris Atteberry
Walter & Elizabeth Babchuk
Hayward Baker
Jim Baum
Dale Allen Beckstead
George A. Bekey & Shirley W. Bekey
Jo Ann Boss
Gregg & Randy Brandow
John and Elynor Breiding
Robert Britz
Jack Bryant
Glenn A. Bustrum
Norma Marie Cedarstrom
Kam-Shui Chan
Sampson M.Y. Chan
Kyung Hwan Chang
Wally Yun-Hwa Chen
George & Yelba Chilingar
Yang Ho Cho
David W. Chonette
J. Chow
Leo Chu
L. LeRoy Crandall
John Vincent Crowley
Malcolm R. Currie
Kenneth C. Dahlberg
John & Bettina Deininger
Feng Deng
Albert Dorman
David and Dana Dornsife
Elmer L. Dougherty
John Michael Doyle
Roger Duffield
Gerald Devon Dunn
Gregory John Edelbrock
Roy & Eileen Enos
Daniel J. Epstein
Travis & Helen Eskridge
Charles B. Evans
James and Patricia Fei
Charles & Rose Flanagan
Robert H. Fogwell
Alan & Jean Fohrer
Sulie Fulton Fryer
Elinor Ganzenhuber
Barbara J. Gates
Jonathan & Hani Geske
Kevin & Kim Gibbons
Merwyn C. Gill
James H. Gisbrecht
Ahmad & Haleh Gramian
Richard R. Grey
Rudolf W. Gunnerman
Vinod & Chanresh Gupta
Arthur Hamlin Hadley
Margaret Alice Hartley
Frances J. Hewitt
Julie R. Hill
Ernest Hix
Robert J. Hoffman
Ming Hsieh
Jen-Hsun Huang
Richard & Regina Hunsaker
Paul Edward Iacono
Henry T. Iida
James & Daphne Jameson
Howard Jessen
Max B. Johnson
Roderick M. Jones
Elmer and Gloria Kaprielian
David V. Karney
Michael E. Kassner
Jerome Kay
Jay and Marsha Kear
William Myron Keck, II
James Keenan
Susan and Lawrence Kellner
Frank F. Khulusi
Ken Klein
Marie Knowles
Jerry Kohlenberger
Les Kranhold
Dyung Kwak
Wood-Hung Kwan
Walter G. Lake
David & Grayson Lane
Ronald & Sandy Lash
Anthony Derek Lazzaro
Jun Lee
Robert Lee
John & Edith Leonis
Stephen Carroll Lipman
Fang Zhi Liu
Elizabeth Hogue Lonnes
Gerald J. Lopopolo, Jr.
The Ludwig Family
LeVal Lund Family Trust
Rodney P. Lundin
Philip & Cayley MacDonald
Lourita E. MacNeill
Dusanka Maletkovic
Alfred E. Mann
Florian Mansfeld
Armas C. Markkula, Jr.
Gordon Marshall
Fariborz Maseeh
Merrill H. Maughan
John Douglas McConaghy
Ralph Lewis McCormick
Robert Lee Miller
Eugene Leon Mleczko
James E. Moore, II
John & Julie Mork
Tony Morreale
Kenneth Irwin Mullen
Jared & Donna Murayama
Jerry Neely
Richard E. Nelson
Godwin & Angeline Ngan
Preetish Suresh Nijhawan
Harlyne Norris
Wallace C. Olson
Roberto & Colleen Padovani
Donald Paul
Loren & Nanette Phillips
Mac Pilon
Hugo Paul Pomrehn
Theodore Posch, Jr.
Harold Leonard Potter
Allen E. Puckett
Ed & Sybil Ralston
Simon Ramo
Irving S. Reed
Thomas Care Reed
Ed & Karin Reynolds (The Reynolds Group)
Robert John Richards
Ken & Charlotte Richardson
Thomas L. Rothwell
Sunajro Sampoerna & Semiwati Lawanto
Jerry Sanders
George (Ted) Edward Scalise
George M. Scalise
Stephen C. Schrank
Jean Sciare
John F. Shea
Kenneth L. Sherman
Scott Randall Shoults
Leonard M. Silverman
Walter Singer
Patrick Soon-Shiong & Michele Chan
Mark A. Stevens
Marvin Stone
Ronald & Valerie Sugar
Yu Ta-Ching
Keith and Cecilia Terasaki
Earl F. Timpke
Mihailo D. Trifunac
Ronald N. Tutor
Graham Tyson
Dorris Uncapher
Anthony Vallone
Andrew & Erna Viterbi
John Wakerly
Emrick & Joan Webb
David A. West
Charles & Judith Wheatley
Peter S. Willcox
Gloria L. Wilson
Shiao-Ping S. Yen
Fred Zohouri