USC Viterbi Innovation Partners (V.I.P.)

V.I.P. is a yearly giving and engagement organization where alumni, parents and friends come together in support of our engineering students and the advancement of engineering here at USC Viterbi. Through this premier academic support group, members of V.I.P. generously provide resources for:

  • Engineering scholarships and fellowships
  • Recruiting and retaining nationally renowned faculty members in the field of engineering
  • Acquiring the most advanced and sophisticated research and engineering equipment for classrooms and laboratories
  • Supporting the development of innovative, educational and interactive engineering curriculums and programs

When you join one of our leadership giving circles, you are helping us to provide the best educational resources for our students – future engineers.  And you are:

  • Helping us to secure our place among the world’s elite engineering schools
  • Creating new, and sometimes historic, changes in the field of engineering – from groundbreaking work in biotechnology, information technology and nanotechnology; to advances in education, environmental safety, transportation and other technologies in development now at USC Viterbi.

Your annual leadership gift will help to invest in the future of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, our students and advancing the world through engineering.